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It is your wedding. We will make it perfect for you

Our Services

Our services begin from start of the wedding discussions till the time the wedding is over. We would love to arrange and manage the entire wedding requirements to make your wedding day special for you and your family. If you already have taken care of part of the wedding arrangements, we can pitch in as supervises or consultants. You can either choose a complete package or individual services as per your convenience and need.

Entire Wedding Planning (Premium package)

As wedding planners, our services include anything and everything a wedding celebration requires. Right from the pre-consultation to the engagement to the haldi, sangeet, wedding and reception celebrations. This package is perfect for couples who want to hand over the entire wedding planning and execution to experts, while they sit back, relax and enjoy their wedding. This is our premium offering for couples and their families to enjoy a stress-free wedding while we do the work, behind-the-scenes. It covers all the exclusive wedding planning requirements along with certain additional perks so as to make your wedding a memorable experience.

The additional perks included in this package are, complete guidance from our wedding planners throughout the entire wedding ceremony which is inclusive of wedding etiquettes, design concepts, themes, traditions, venue selection, budget planning and much more. All this at an affordable premium price.

50-50 Wedding Planning (Customized package)

This is our customized package ideal for the bride and groom who have already started planning. 50-50 wedding planning provides you the benefit of partial wedding planning. It allows you to identify those services in which you require our help and assistance and those which you can comfortably handle on your own. All the remaining arrangements are done as per your requirements. For instance got a florist but looking for a set designer… We are here to help you! Our consultants will help understand your requirements and will prepare a customized package, well within your budget.

Special Consulting

Our company comprises of professional wedding planners and consultants who will assist and guide you with the entire wedding planning process 6-8 weeks before the actual wedding ceremony. You can reach out to them with your concerns, queries, requests and suggestions at any time. We will be more than happy to guide to throughout the entire process. Feel free to reach us.

Premium package

– Venue Selection

– Wedding Concept & Theme design

– Travel & Accommodation

– Invitations & Guest Management

– Trousseau Planning

– Beauty Treatments, Make-up

– Reception Management

– Decorations (set designers, florists, lightings etc.)

– Catering and menu selection (All types of cuisines)

– Sound DJ/Music

– Entertainment

– Acoustics engineer

– Artist management (Dancers, performers, make-up artist etc)

– Professional photographers & videographers

– Wedding cinematography

– Celebrity performances / dancers

– Hospitality crew

– Transportation

– Gifting

– Complete logistical support and arrangements

– Security & Valet parking

– Permissions & licenses